Cartersville Bartow CVB
Located North of Atlanta on I-75


The Robot Zoo

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A special exhibit in the Discovery Garden. Explore the biomechanics of robotic animals to discover how real animals work and see the magic of nature as a master engineer. Robotic animals and hands-on activities illustrate fascinating real-life characteristics, such as how a chameleon changes colors and how a fly walks on the ceiling. Machinery in the robotic animals simulate the body parts of their real-life counterparts. Muscles become pistons, intestines become filtering pipes, and brains become computers. Sensory activities include “Swat the Fly,” a test of the visitor’s reaction, and “Sticky Feet,” where visitors wearing special hand and knee pads can try to stick like flies to a sloped surface. Triggering the “Tongue Gun” demonstrates how a real chameleon shoots out its long, sticky-tipped tongue to reel in a meal. The exhibit is based on the book The Robot Zoo that was conceived, edited and designed by Marshall Editions of London, England. Exhibit is included with paid museum admission, and free to Tellus Museum members.