If you are looking for things to do near Cartersville, consider taking a short drive to Euharlee, Georgia. The town features picturesque, small-town charm and a unique history. Keep reading for an overview of Euharlee’s rich heritage and the discoveries to be made there.

Native American Origins

The town’s name is derived from a Native American word meaning “she laughs as she runs.” The lands surrounding Euharlee were inhabited for thousands of years by Native Americans, including members of the Cherokee Nation. In fact, archaeological artifacts proving the presence of early Native American communities have been found around the vicinity of Euharlee.

Pioneer Roots

In 1834, pioneers began to settle in Euharlee due to its proximity to natural water sources and rich, fertile soil for farming. Abundant water meant that pioneers could irrigate their crops and use water to power mechanical devices. Pioneers originally called their home Burge’s Mill, after a water-powered mill that Nathanial Burge built on Euharlee Creek. Later, in 1852, Euharlee became an incorporated town, at the time known as Euharleyville. Approximately 30 years later, one of Euharlee’s top attractions, the Euharlee Covered Bridge, was built by Washington W. King.

Modern Day Destination

Today Euharlee and its famed covered bridge top many travelers’ lists of places go and things to see near Cartersville. When visiting Euharlee, make your first stop at the Euharlee History Museum and Welcome Center. Then be sure to visit the site of J.T. Lowry’s Blacksmith Shop, the ruins of Euharlee’s Grist Mill, and other historic sites of the 1800s. Plan ahead for a day on the river with Euharlee Creek Outfitters, which offers kayak, canoe and tube rentals. If your visit falls on the second Friday of the month, check out Food Truck Friday in Euharlee’s Frankie Harris Park for great food and free live music under the stars.