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Texas philanthropist, businessman, patriot and Vietnam Veteran, Harry Patterson, purchased a 13′ x 20′ Ross Rossin painting depicting the United States Presidents of the 20th century. The painting has been a hallmark to the Booth Western Art Museum’s Presidential Gallery. Rossin, a world-renowned artist and sculptor with works residing in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, has been commissioned by Patterson to create two more canvasses: the 23 Founding Fathers from the 19th century and the three Presidents of the 21st century – Bush, Obama and Trump. Rossin is creating the piece in a special gallery outside the Booth Museum’s Presidential Gallery allowing museum visitors the unique opportunity to see the artist at work and the paintings in progress. The exhibit closing date is speculative; as completion draws near the date will be revised. To see if Rossin is at work on the days you plan to visit check the LIVE FEED.