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First Encounter with A Kuiper Belt Object with Mark Kotchte

The New Horizons spacecraft passed by Pluto three years ago and is now a billion miles farther out. On January 1, 2019, it will make history again with the first-ever close-up explorations of a small Kuiper Belt object, Ultima Thule. This will be the farthest exploration of any planetary body in history.  Join NASA New Horizons project scientist Dr. Mark Kotchte as he presents the latest findings of this exciting project.

PLUS more to enjoy on SCI-FRI night included with Museum Admission:

  • Museum + Store open until 9 PM
  • Cafe open until 8 PM
  • Lecture begins at 7 PM
  • FREE Planetarium Shows 5-9 PM – To Worlds Beyond
  • Observatory open 5-10 PM

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