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Artist M.C. Poulsen has embarked on a multiyear journey to hike and ride horseback into the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park and capture the waterfalls that the general public never gets to experience. “Painting the Falls of Yellowstone” a PBS Documentary that aired on June 2017 highlights this journey that parallels the early artists Moran and Bierstadt who captured the mystique that draws the public to Yellowstone today. Poulsen doesn’t want these cosmic beauties to remain hidden in the backcountry; he wants to share them with the human race, so they, too, are flooded with the same emotions he experienced. As a companion to the above we are bringing in Nancy Cawdrey’s collection of approximately 25 silk paintings of all the major animals in Glacier National Park.

© Shauna Poulsen, Union Falls Yellowstone Back Country

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