Cartersville, Georgia cut its teeth as a mining and farming community, establishing a lasting legacy in Georgia’s farm history. Today, new developments by many industry leaders, as well as a thriving tourism industry with Smithsonian Affiliate museums, have helped make Cartersville a vibrant and contemporary destination. Yet, there’s one title that remains near to Cartersville’s roots – the town is proud to be the home of Georgia’s Largest Camel Herd.

Visitors can interact with 21 (and counting) camels and many other surprising animals at Pettit Creek Farm just a mile or two north of downtown Cartersville on the historic Dixie Highway. Here, Scott and June Allen have raised a host of children, along with a menagerie of God’s creatures on an 80-acre farm founded when Raymond and Fannie Mae Allen relocated from land to be flooded by the creation of Allatoona Lake. Here’s what you might see on a visit to Pettit Creek Farms:

  • The 21 camels in Georgia’s Largest Herd
  • A giraffe
  • 2 zebra
  • 6 of the world’s largest rodents – the capybara
  • A lemur
  • A porcupine
  • 8 kangaroos
  • A wallaby
  • Santa’s reindeer
  • PLUS goats, sheep,lambs, rams, llamas, alpaca, cows, ponies, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, peacocks, emu, ducks, macaws, rabbits and honey bees (no petting the honey bees, please 😊).

The farm is open for tours day, but since this is a working farm it is best to call ahead to schedule a tour. A “Walk-about” tour is $14 adults, $12 children. Buckets of feed are sold separately, just $10 for a large bucket. The tour takes about an hour and visitors will be able to pet and feed almost every animal. A Pettit Creek Farmhand will walk with you to share some fun facts from the farm as you pet and enjoy the animals. Gravel roads throughout the farm make strollers and wagons welcome.

Ponies are also available to ride and go with you on the tour. They are all super sweet and gentle and will be ready to go when you call ahead to reserve your tour; $25 for the full tour. Children can stay in the saddle if they choose or can get down and feed the animals as they like. Weight limits do apply.

Pettit Creek Farms is located at 337 Cassville Road, Cartersville GA 30120. Call 770-386-8688 to schedule your tours. Two annual farm celebrations are PumpkinFest mid-September through October, and Christmas Lights at Pettit Creek Farms, which opens Thanksgiving at 6 PM and continues through December 30.

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