When you visit Cartersville, check out the various historical attractions the city has to offer. From the various museums to the majestic Etowah Indian Mounds, you won’t be disappointed in the many attractions in Cartersville.
Indian mounds

On your sightseeing tour, you must add the Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site to your list. Pre-historic native peoples thrived in the Cartersville and Bartow area from at least 300 BC and reached their zenith with the Mississippian Culture that lived at Etowah from approximately 1000 to 1500 AD. They created wondrous earthen pyramids, typically called mounds. These flat, platform-like mounds are one of the most visited attractions in Cartersville. Be sure to take the stairs to the top of Mound A, the largest mound standing over 63 feet high and covering three acres.

When you’re finished gazing at the historic Etowah River Valley, take a stroll down to the river. You’ll see original fish traps that provided a major food source, making the Etowah Chiefdom, a great ancient city. Visit the archaeological museum, as well, to learn about the daily lives of the Etowah people. You can find out why the mounds were created, what became of the moundbuilders, and where to find their descendants.