Families looking for fun places to visit should consider a trip to the Tellus Science Museum. Among the most popular tourist attractions in Cartersville, this museum features several educational attractions and regularly hosts events that can be entertaining and informative for the whole family.

Bentley Planetarium

The museum’s state-of-the-art digital projector will take you and your family on a visual journey through our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond. Bentley Planetarium shows are scheduled throughout the week and on weekends. Some of the regular programs include:

  • Extreme Planets: a tour of extrasolar planetary bodies such as water worlds and molten planets.
  • Firefall: a journey through the Earth’s history of bombardment by comets, asteroids, and meteoroids.
  • Live Tour of Tonight’s Sky: an exciting presentation of the current stars and constellations over Georgia.

Weinman Mineral Gallery

This exhibit tours the history of the Earth’s formation beginning billions of years in the past. You’ll see hundreds of stunning gemstones and minerals, get to learn how minerals are cut and treated to form gems, and how plate tectonics affect the Earth’s crust.

Tellus Fossil Gallery

The Tellus Science Museum’s Fossil Gallery will take you on a trip through millions of years of the Earth’s history and give you a glimpse of what prehistoric animals were like before they became extinct. You and your family will get to see fossils from giant mammals, reptiles, and dinosaurs, some of which include the Tyrannosaurus rex, saber-tooth cat, and the Megalodon shark.

Fossil Dig and Vulcan Minerals Company Gem Panning

After learning about Georgia’s minerals and the gemstones found in the Earth’s crust, stop by the museum’s Fossil Dig to give your young paleontologist a chance to discover fossils in various shapes and sizes as they free them from the sand. Next, grab a pan at the Gem Panning exhibit and begin searching for hidden stones and crystals that lay buried in the sand. Children will get to keep a fossil and some gems as souvenirs.