If you’re looking for fun and educational things to see in Cartersville, be sure to stop by the Booth Western Art Museum. This local attraction features art and exhibits that take you back to the time when the West was settled. It is just one of the many excellent places to visit in Georgia.


Carolyn & James Millar Presidential Gallery

This gallery features art and photography that depicts all forty-four American Presidents. It includes each of their signed, page-long letters that give you a unique glimpse into their personal hopes, fears, and dreams.

Civil War Gallery

The Booth Western Art Museum’s Civil War Gallery displays artwork depicting America’s greatest conflict. The tragedies caused by this war have inspired artists to illustrate their unfolding with art since the first days of the war up through today. As you tour this exhibit, you’ll see paintings that chronologically depict battles and events as they took place throughout the war.

Sagebrush Ranch

This hands-on, interactive exhibit will give your children a chance to play while learning about how the West was settled. They can dress as settlers and mount a replica horse to have their picture taken before a Western backdrop. Sagebrush Ranch also features several puzzle games where kids can recreate Native American beadwork, make a Western landscape of their own, and create designs for clay pots.

American West Gallery

With more than 100 paintings and sculptures on display, the American West Gallery is divided into four distinctive themes: First peoples, Colliding Cultures, Enduring Traditions, and Habitats & Inhabitants. Covering a 100-year span of early Western art, this gallery features work by many talented artists including Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, and George Caitlin.

The Modern West

Focusing on Western art from the past 50 years, the Modern West Gallery takes you on a tour of contemporary Western trendsetters, their art, and the stylistic changes that they inspired. Some of the artists featured in this gallery include Nelson Boren, Ed Mell, David DeVary, and Donna Howell-Sickles.